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Fanni Amann. Pleasure l. - Cooking course

During the summer months, the spa guests were pampered to the utmost in the Schnifner Bädle. And they carried the praise of the good cuisine and the beautiful stay out into the wide world. When winter came, the spa guests became rarer and the days shorter, the Bädle was filled with a large number of schoolgirls from all over the country. They learned the cooking craft of the famous Schnifner woman first hand, made their own experiences and came back many times in summer for the season.

In the introduction to her cookbook, Fanni Amann wrote, "To describe every move is impossible. The book would become too burdensome. Experience teaches the obvious." We are taking up this attitude toward cooking for this year's cooking class. The joy of cooking, improvisation and intuitive cooking are the focus. To this end, we have invited Sarah Brückner, Dominic Mayer and Oliver Hammer to create a delicious menu together with the participants. At a later hour, the accompanying persons will have the pleasure of tasting the delicacies.

Date: 12.10.21 and 13.10.21 
Start: ist at 2 pm
Price: per Person 169,- Euro incl. cooking apron, drinks and afterwards dinner with company.
Available seats: 15 per evening

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