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Churches in Bludenz: Christmas Services

Churches in the Bludenz pastoral area:
Holy Night: 3 to 5 p.m. Following the star . . . Places of the Christmas Message:

St. Cross Church
St. Lawrence Church
Holy Trinity Church Fatima Church of the Sacred Heart
St. Peter's Monastery
Peace Church Bürs
Parish Church Bings
Filial church Lorüns
These churches will be open and designed as places of the Christmas message for children and families.

Churches in the Bludenz pastoral area: 
Holy Night: Christmetten

17:00 Uhr: Filialkirche Lorüns
17:30 Uhr: Pfarrkirche Bings
21:30 Uhr: Kloster St. Peter
21:30 Uhr: Franziskanerkloster Bludenz
22:00 Uhr: Heilig Kreuzkirche

16:00 Uhr: Franziskanerkloster, Singen vor der Krippe

18:00 Uhr: Heilig Kreuzkirche, Messfeier

The current Corona guidelines apply.

Organiser/Info: Catholic Church in the Bludenz Living Space, T +43 5552 62219,

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