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Brandnertal - Vorarlberg

Bürserberg in the Brandnertal

Relaxation with a panoramic view

Bürserberg enjoys a sunny location, in the heart of the Brandnertal, a picturesque mountain valley. The sun-kissed Tschengla high plateau lies at 1250 m and is a true leisure and fresh air paradise with panoramic views of five valleys. It is also an ideal starting point for hiking and mountain bike tours.

Winter vacation in Bürserberg

en:Bürserberg in the winter;

Bürserberg in the winter

Summer vacation in Bürserberg

  • 400 km of hiking trails through the Brandnertal, guided hikes
  • 110 km of mountain bike routes through the Brandnertal
  • Archery: 3D archery circuit
  • Alpe Rona - Alpine dairy, Kneipp hydrotherapy station
  • Europe’s largest glacier breech
  • Stone circles - guided tours & pendulum tuition
  • Paarhof Buacher-museum
  • Panorama cable-car service
  • Campsite

en:Bürserberg in the summer;

Bürserberg in the summer