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Brandnertal - Vorarlberg

Welcome in the Brandnertal

A wonderful destination for families, sportsmen and nature lovers in Vorarlberg, Austria

Ski Activital Brandnertal

from € 499.00 per person

Gourmet Experience Brandnertal

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to the dates 2015/16

Family Ski Activital

from € 1,329.00 per family

Family Easterpackage Brandnertal

de:Familienskigebiet Brandnertal;
from € 1,549.00 per family

Bike park package Brandnertal

Bikeparkpauschale Brandnertal
from € 165.00 per person

Family ski area Brandnertal

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Learn to ski in Brandnertal!

Winter and summer holidays in the Brandnertal

Brand, Bürserberg and Bürs in Vorarlberg

Brandnertal with the villages of Brand, Bürserberg and Bürs begins close by the alpine town of Bludenz in southern Vorarlberg.

The Brandnertal ski area includes 64,4 km of groomed piste skiing (incl. ski routes) between 890 – 2000m, mostly on east facing slopes that stretch from north to south between the resort villages of Bürserberg and Brand. Visitors to Brandnertal are well served by an efficient ski lift system of 14 lifts. Brandnertal has two ski schools. Both schools offer ski, snowboarding, cross-country ski tuition.

Sporting diversions are offered by 400 km of hiking trails, 110 km of mountain-biking trails, parts of which are highly challenging, an 18-hole golf course, tennis and indoor courts, riding halls and stables, three 3D archery courses, and much more besides. An excellent selection of options for families, family-friendly hosts and the new summer programme guarantee adventure, fun and games, and a relaxing holiday for parents too.

Arrival to the Brandnertal

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Our Brandnertal is located in the western part of Austria in the province Vorarlberg. 

Vorarlberg is a pleasantly small country and is easily accessible by car, plane, bus and train.